Researched probiotic species, protected to survive the journey.

Multi-Strain, Total GI Support

With innovative delivery and unique bacteria cell-sustaining system to deliver some of the highest percentages of living bacteria to the lower GI.
Step 1: Protect
Brown seaweed extract barrier protects probiotics from stomach acid.
Step 2: Hydrate
Balanced activation to properly hydrate probiotics from freeze-dried state.
Step 3: Feed
Feed bacteria with pre & post biotic nutrients to create a supportive micro-environment.
Always ships cold + protected
We always ship in insulated boxes, using recycled blue jean material and ice packs assuring the proper delivery of all products.
Our products are formulated to be shelf stable

Articles & Studies

Scientifically Validated

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Six Months Survivability Study
Analysis of Bacteria Survival
Inulin – Premium Probiotic Derived From Chicory Root

Why Live Bacteria Matters

Most research is done on bacteria that is alive. If bacterial species don’t arrive alive they cannot perform the tasks the research demonstrates. That means getting bacteria delivered to the gut alive is IMPORTANT.

When probiotics are subjected to harsh conditions, such as heat during transportation among other stressors, they cannot survive.

We use groundbreaking Flow Cytometry testing to evaluate cell membranes to determine if they are alive, injured or dead.

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